Woman admits forging prescription to obtain tranquillizers


A Sutton woman forged a doctor’s prescription to obtain more tranquilliser tablets, a court heard.

Theresa Marie Hemmings 30 of Vere Avenue, Sutton pleaded guilty to forging a doctor’s prescription at Justin Gilbody’s at Skegby on 24th February.

Mansfield Magistrates were told staff at the pharmacy became suspicious when they noticed it appeared an addition had been made to a genuine prescription.

Hemmings admitted adding an extra 120 Diazapam 5mg tablets to it.

The court heard Hemmings had bee on a ’silly amount of drugs’ at the time she altered the note.

Defending herself at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Hemmings said : “I knew at the time it was wrong but I do get prescribed medication.

“I went to see the doctor and he had made mistakes on my prescription.

“The receptionist wouldn’t let me back in.”

She told Magistrates she had a relapse at Christmas but had been clean of drugs since 16th May.

She was fined £75 with £20 victim surcharge and £50 court costs.