Worksop drink driver caught after he was "enticed" into the pub

Gateford Avenue, Worksop
Gateford Avenue, Worksop

A banned Worksop driver was "enticed" into the pub after a pal called and asked for a lift, a court heard.

Nathan Shackleton's blue BMW was stopped on Gateford Avenue, at around 8.25pm, on July 31, after he was recognised by a patrolling police officer.

A test revealed he had 51 mcgs of alcohol in 100 mls of breath, when the legal limit is 35 mcgs.

He told police he used his girlfriend's mother's car to drive to to a pub, where he drank about three pints.

The court heard he was banned for four years by a court in Ireland, after failing to provide a specimen, and he was banned for six months in this country on April 15, after failing to give information to police.

Pamela Coxon, mitigating, said: "He immediately accepted he was the driver. There was no prevarication. He never sought to deflect blame.

"His friend enticed him into the pub."

Shackleton, 24, of Cresswell Road, admitted drink driving and driving without insurance, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

He received a 12 month community order with 31 sessions of the drink-impaired driver's course, and 90 hours of unpaid work.

He was banned for 54 months, but he was offered a drink-driver's rehabilitation course which will cut the disqualification by 411 days if he completes if before November 2022.

He must pay £85 costs and a £90 government surcharge.

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