'˜Crying rooms' for female police officers going through the menopause

Nottinghamshire Police have introduced a new management policy for officers undergoing the menopause.

The management policy introduced by the force this month says menopausal staff should be given frequent breaks.

Women staff are also risk assessed for jobs and allowed to come in late.

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The report says the force should make private spaces available for women to rest, recover, make a telephone call to personal or professional support.

It adds :”Women going through the menopause may need to manage the impact of the symptoms, a private space to rest temporarily, cry or talk with a colleague before they can return to their


It adds: “ Flexible working arrangements may be considered for those that are experiencing debilitating symptoms. Menopause symptoms can increase in stressful situations and when the person is tired symptoms can increase. This also enables staff to work productively and manage the impact of their impairments.

This may include flexibility for women who need medical treatment or to attend clinics, hospital or appointments and also for women and men seeking advice relating to the menopause.

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“Managers should consider a phased return to work for staff suffering with severe impairment.

“This will be particularly beneficial for those who are taking medication for the condition.

“Consideration to be given for flexible working arrangements rather than the usual set times including split shifts if the day to day business allows, later starts, arlier finishing times.

“Many staff have a best part of the day when they are able to work most productively on a task. Adjusting a shift to suit that time is a reasonable adjustment.

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In the case of women going through the Menopause who has trouble sleeping at night a later start may be appropriate.”

The policy has been introduced after former Chief Constable Sue Fish, who retired last year, discovered women were even leaving the force after suffering symptoms. More when we have it.

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero said:

“There is obviously a concern that women going through the menopause are leaving police forces at an alarming rate.

I am pleased that we are having conversations about what improvements need to be made to ensure female police officers feel safe and supported at work.”

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