Cunningtons’ bangers star at Sausage Week

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HUCKNALL sausage superstar Ashley Cunnington gained a runners-up award in a prestigious event.

He had been shortlisted for the East Midlands final of the British Sausage Week competition, held at the Orange Tree pub in Nottingham.

Ashley (20) and his dad, Andy (49) — who have a family butchers’ shop on Annesley Road — will particularly treasure memories of meeting famous stand-up comic Al Murray, The Pub Landlord, who was one of the judges.

As Ashley walked up to receive his certificate, accompanied by Andy, Murray noted their diminutive stature and quipped: “Here come the Hobbits.”

This reference to J.R.R.Tolkien’s characters sparked off a sequence of humorous repartee.

Ashley’s tasty bangers, entitled Robin Hood Wild Boar sausages — for which the ingredients included black pepper and thyme — was entered for the ‘Iconic Sausages’ category and earned a lot of praise.

Cunningtons have traded in Hucknall for three years. Their latest speciality is a sausage containing caramelised onion.

n OUR PHOTO shows Ashley and Andy with the ‘Pub Landlord’, Al Murray, at the East Midlands final of British Sausage Week