Cupcakes with council chairman VIP visit

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CUPCAKES with a councillor were on the agenda at a meeting of the school council at Hillside Primary in Hucknall.

For Coun Keith Walker (Con), chairman of Notts County Council, was special guest, along with his wife, Inga.

The get-together was the follow-up to a visit three weeks earlier to County Hall for lunch by the young chairman and vice-chairman of the Hillside group, Jodie Bickers and Bethany Clifton, along with other pupils.

Coun Walker took along his chain of office and allowed children of Hillside’s council to try it on for size.

Jodie explained to Coun Walker that the meetings at the school on Roberts Lane were based on the format of the meetings at County Hall.

This included the executive committee of the school council always coming up with an official agenda and standing to ask their questions when directed to do so by the chairman of vice-chairman.

After the meeting, Coun Walker and his wife were treated to cupcakes and refreshments.

They were then given a tour of the school, along similar lines to that they received themeslves at County Hall.

The special guests said how impressed they were with the confidence and eloquence shown by the youngsters at Hillside.

OUR PHOTO shows Coun Walker and his wife with members of the school council at Hillside Primary School.