Curtain is raised for controversial show

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THE curtain has gone up on a dispute over a forthcoming show in Hucknall — because Ashfield District Council claims it will contain ‘sensitive religious and sexual themes’.

The production, ‘Without Planning Permission’, is to be presented by the Fluxx company, which describes it as a ‘new kind of theatre event, involving film, interactivity and performance’.

It will take place at the John Godber Centre on Ogle Street on Friday July 20, starting at 7.30 pm.

The council was to have promoted the production on its website but has now withdrawn its support.

A media release from the council states: “Having considered the potential content of this production, which examines highly controversial issues, the council advised that it would not give it additional publicity.

“The council has supported the company in kind, giving officer support, advice and information and contributing to its bid to the Arts Council, which realised £44,000 in funding for Fluxx.”

Fluxx director Chris Johnson said: “I cannot understand what the council is frightened of. We don’t yet know what the themes of the show will be. ”

He explained that as the audience arrive, they watch a film and learn something of the neighbourhood in which they live.

The event then opens out on to some of the other characters who live there — a young man full of mischief, a grieving father, a woman ‘on the lash’, a soldier back from the war, a priest who sings.

“What links them all is a story, an immediate crisis that affects everyone in the neighbourhood,” said Mr Johnson. “The spectators form a parliament or round table and make a decision to resolve the dilemma and then watch as the story unfolds in front of them, in a series of scenes all triggered by their decision.”

Fluxx has been developing shows, using improvisation, since 1998 and has performed throughout the UK, in the USA and in various parts of Europe.

“Without Planning Permission’ is one of two shows which the company currently has on tour. The Total Theatre magazine has described the production as ‘fascinating, involving, intriguing — all those things that you really want from theatre but don’t always get’.

OUR PHOTO shows the John Godber Centre.