CUTE ALERT: Rare ginger badger found in Derbyshire

A rare ginger badger is being cared for by Derbyshire Wildflie Trust
A rare ginger badger is being cared for by Derbyshire Wildflie Trust

An unusual ginger badger has been found in Derbyshire and is being cared for by wildlife experts.

The sandy-coloured female badger was vaccinated by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust earlier this year, and has been described as a ‘real treat’ for badger experts.

A spokesman for the trust said: “The badger is erythristic, which means that a mutation causes the black colouring cells of the badgers coat to be replaced by red ones.

“Erythrism is an unusual phenomenon in Derbyshire badgers and a real treat for badger experts.”

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Debbie Bailey, trust vaccinator and chair of the High Peak Badger Group, said: “At first we thought it was albino, but when we got closer we realised it was erythristic.

“It’s the first one I’ve seen in Derbyshire and the first one we have vaccinated - as you can imagine very exciting for us!”

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This comes shortly after Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust recently found a white albino badger - caused by a similar process to erythrism, where no colouring pigment is produced.

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