Danger at Titchfield over lights

Matt Williams with his dog Rascal on Titchfield Park, Hucknall.
Matt Williams with his dog Rascal on Titchfield Park, Hucknall.

Titchfield Park has become a no-go zone as darkness falls because the lighting system has failed.

Visitors to the Hucknall park are fearful as the only lighting in the area is at the pavilion putting the rest of the recreational area into darkness.

“The lights have been plagued with problems since they were replaced two years ago,” said dog-walker, Matt Williams.

“First only half of them were working now none of them are working.”

Mr William’s visits the park twice a day to walk his dog but is worried about other walkers.

“It’s not so bad for me as a man but for women walking alone or the elderly it must be quite frightening.

“You simply can’t see a thing. If it wasn’t for the fact my dog wears a flashing collar I wouldn’t even be able to see him as he is black.

“Something needs to be done as it is dangerous.”

Only last month a woman suffered a serious sexual assault in a Mansfield park that was shrouded in darkness because of broken lights.

Ashfield District Council, who are responsible for Titchfield Park, promised to act.

“The council is keenly aware of people’s personal safety, and has been working to quickly resolve this issue. A specialist contractor has been engaged to carry out the necessary work and this is due to start at the park shortly.”