Daughter inspires new play venture

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A BULWELL couple had their young daughter very much in mind when they decided to go into business with a new indoor play area.

But the Mouse Trap, as the venue has been called, is already proving a big attraction for other children as well.

Darren Wolfe and his partner, Shirley Gannon, who live on St Albans Road, have set up the Mouse Trap in the Tesco Extra building of Main Street, Bulwell.

“Our inspiration for the venture was our daughter, Sophie, who is aged three years and nine months,” said Darren. “We want to provide a place where she could enjoy stimulating play and exercise.

“It occurred to us that the same need may well be felt by other families in Bulwell. Some playgrounds and playing fields in the area are now being built on, depriving children of an important amenity.”

Darren was a freelance project architect and Shirley worked as a cook but both gave up their jobs to concentrate on inaugurating the play area. The venture has created six jobs.

Among the attractions at the Mouse Trap are a four-level curly-wurly slide, a giant two-lane Astra slide, crazy rope climbs and a dizzy disc ‘spineroo’.

Darren says the venue is also ideal for birthday parties and other special occasions for children.

He and Shirley are hoping the Mouse Trap will prove as successful as Agatha Christie’s play of the same name, which is performed at a London theatre and is the world’s longest-running show.

n OUR PHOTO shows Darren and Sophie trying out the Mouse Trap attractions — DISPIC NHUD12-2913-1.