David meets his love match on TV dating show

THE DATING GAME -- David Jeffery with the host of the show, Paddy McGuinness
THE DATING GAME -- David Jeffery with the host of the show, Paddy McGuinness

A CHARMER from Hucknall raised the curtain on a love match when he appeared on the prime-time TV dating show ‘Take Me Out’.

David Jeffery (27) was one of four single guys looking to wow a group of women known as the ‘flirty 30’ on the ITV1 programme, which is hosted by comedian Paddy McGuinness.

The format of the show means a potential suitor must retain the interest of at least one woman over three rounds or he is sent home packing without a date.

The girls have the power to opt out at any stage as they each stand behind a podium with a white light that they can black out the moment they hear or see something they don’t like.

As McGuinness says in one of his many catchphrases on the show: “No likey, no lighty!”

But motorbike enthusiast and Girls Aloud fan David clearly had a spark that impressed the panel.

For after appearing on stage, he still had 25 of the 30 women interested. By the end of the three rounds, which includes video footage from friends and family, he still had 17 women looking for a date.

At this stage, the power switched to David, who had to whittle the ladies down to just two by unceremoniously switching off the lights of those who didn’t tickle his fancy.

It eventually came down to Donna, of Shrewsbury, and Dawn who, unbelievably, lives just a few miles away from Hucknall in Ilkeston.

David plumped for brunette Donna, who describes herself as fiercely independent but revealed her softer side on the show when she hailed David as “adorable”.

David, who has been single for more than a year, told his date he spotted her straight away and Paddy reckoned he clocked a bit of flirty eye-contact on stage!

To find out if the couple had found their respective Mr and Miss Right, they were whisked off for a date on the mysterious Island of Fernando’s.

The name of the destination is a running joke from series one when prospective couples went to a made-up bar in Manchester called Fernando’s.

As the story goes, the bar caught fire and Fernando used the insurance payout to buy his own island, which is, in fact, Tenerife in the Canaries.

The results of the date will be shown on Saturday (January 15) at 8 pm.

But the filming of the show actually took place at studios in Maidstone, Kent last November.

David, who runs his own business manufacturing and selling blinds, curtains and awnings, admitted he couldn’t remember a lot about it but described being part of the show “a fantastic experience”.

He said: “I was just in my own zone. Having 20 to 30 cameras on you and about 700 people watching is a very strange feeling. There are so many lights and so much noise.

“When I was 18, I always wondered what it could be like to be on TV. I’m definitely glad I did it.”

David first thought of applying for the show when watching with his friends last March.

He said: “We would eat food and watch ‘Take Me Out’ every Saturday.

“All my friends said I should try to get on it, so I sent in my application a few days later.”

He reckons some of the stories and anecdotes he included on the form must have won over the producers as they were selecting contestants.

Before taking part, David revealed he wasn’t looking for a serious relationship “unless he got a good vibe” from one of the women on the show.