Daytime burglary spree in centre

Hucknall town centre has been targeted by burglars
Hucknall town centre has been targeted by burglars

Police have issued an urgent warning to people living in the centre of Hucknall after a rise in daytime burglaries.

A series of houses were broken into in Hucknall between Thursday 4th December and Thursday 11th December, on High Leys Road, Moor Road, Yorke Street and West Terrace.

Inspector Nick Butler said: “There has been an increase in burglary dwelling particularly in the Hucknall Central Ward during the daytime on Mondays to Fridays. We would ask all of you to be extra vigilant especially in Ashfield South Area in the run up to Christmas. Make access to your property as secure as you can.”

A rear patio door was forced open and a laptop was stolen from a house on High Leys Road, between 10.30am and 3.50pm, on Thursday 4th December. Jewellery was stolen from a house in Moor Road, between 11am and 6pm, on Monday 8th December.

A Playstation 4 and a purse were taken from a house on Yorke Street, when thieves smashed a panel of the back door. It happened sometime between 9am and 6.50pm. Two watches were stolen from West Terrace, when thieves prised open the rear patio door, sometime between 3pm on Wednesday 10th December and 11am the next day. Police are also investigating break-ins at an allotment on Gardens Wood Lane and Moor Road, where nothing is believed to have been taken.

Email or call 101.