Derelict Homes in Bulwell demolished over safety concerns

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TWO derelict houses on Bulwell’s Coventry Road causing residents to fear for their safety due to falling masonry have now been demolished.

The council had erected steel fencing around the properties, which had stood empty for many years and fallen into disrepair, to protect the public after tumbling slate posed a danger to passers-by last week.

“It was lucky no-one was walking by at the time as they could have been killed,” said one nearby resident who didn’t wish to be named. “Several bricks and slates fell onto the pavement which is well-used as it leads to a busy post office and off-licence. It could have been very serious.

“I believe this site has been empty for over 20 years and has been a real danger recently as this isn’t the first time debris has landed on the pavement,” added the witness. “It even had a tree growing out of the roof. The council should have tackled it years ago.”

Though no one was injured, the site was visited by structural engineers from Nottingham City Council, and the owner - made-to-measure blind manufacturers Bradrail, who own premises on nearby Main Street, Bulwell - was told the building was unsafe and that action was required.

Julie Braddock, whose father owns Bradrail, said. “Both houses were demolished at the weekend.

“A taxi reversing into the houses caused the problem, though demolition crews said the buildings were structurally sound.

“We’d been planning to have them demolished but this just hurried things along. We now hope to use the site for additional customer car parking.”