Dirt-busting machines hit streets

STREETS in Hucknall and Bulwell will be cleaner than ever thanks to Ashfield District and Nottingham City Councils investing thousands in a fleet of new cleaning machines.

Residents across the districts will be delighted to know the councils have listened to their views that litter and keeping the streets clean are among their top priorities and have responded by buying new Scarab Minor sweepers.

“The council continuously strives to improve the environment for both residents and visitors,” said Coun Warren Nuttall (Lab), lead member for environment, public health and community protection at Ashfield.

“The public told us that clean streets are important to them, so we were able to respond by investing in these new sweepers.”

Ashfield has spent £280,000 on the new vehicles.

Meanwhile, the city council has spent £490,000 on the equipment to ensure ‘the very highest levels of cleanliness are maintained and help the city to live up to its title of being the cleanest big city in the UK’.

“The real cost of removing the litter people thoughtlessly drop is staggering,” said the city council’s Coun Alex Norris (Lab). “The cheapest way to do this is for people not to drop their litter but to use our litter bins instead — there are more than 2,000 city-wide that can be used for all types of litter, including bagged dog mess.”

Scarab Minors are versatile and robust and can be used in very narrow streets and move rapidly to where they are needed.

They are also environmentally friendly and use low-emission diesel fuel in their efforts to clean up the streets.

The Dispatch has backed campaigns recently calling on a major effort to keep local streets clean. This came after a horde of disgruntled readers complained about the state of Hucknall and Bulwell streets.

It is hoped that these new mean machines will go some way to tackle an issue that concerns so many residents.

If you spot an area that could benefit from these dirt-busters, Hucknall residents are urged to call Ashfield District Council on 0800 183 8484. Bulwell residents can call 0115 915 2000 or visit www.mynottingham.gov.uk/reportit.

n OUR PHOTOS show TOP, Coun Jackie Morris (Lab), of Bulwell, with the city cleaners and BOTTOM, Ashfield staff with their new kit