Doctor was avid letter-writer

ON LEARNING that their old medical practitioner and friend, Dr Samuel David Nurse, was instrumental in organising the 1953 Coronation celebrations at Maplebeck, near Southwell, many Hucknall people were reminded of his kindly and generous actions.

Dr Nurse even marked the occasion by paying for electric lights to be installed in the Maplebeck village hall.

As well as being a very good doctor, he was a splendid cricketer. He fell in love with the picturesque village of Maplebeck during his early cricketing days and went to live there after his retirement in the late 1940s.

After his death in 1957, the former vicarage in Maplebeck, where he had lived for nine years, and its contents were auctioned off.

The eldest son of freed slaves, Dr Nurse was born in Georgetown, British Guyana. He was fortunate enough to attend Queen’s College, Georgetown and obtained a scholarship to Cambridge, where he obtained a degree in classics. From there, he went on to qualify as a medical doctor at Edinburgh University.

When he arrived in Hucknall, he found that many of his patients and friends remembered Miss Elizabeth Smith, of Victoria Cottage, Broomhill, who, for more than 30 years, served as housekeeper to Queen Victoria at Osborne House, Isle Of Wight. Miss Smith was born at Broomhill in 1823 and died in 1915.

Throughout his career, Dr Nurse took a keen interest in world affairs and during the early 1930s, when India was very much in the headlines, he wrote a number of interesting letters, which were published in the Dispatch.


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