Dog’s life for puppies bred for the front line

A LITTER of Alsatian puppies has posed a problem for breeders at Linby Boarding Kennels.

Despite German Shepherd mum Roxy safely delivering a whopping nine off-spring, eight are bitches and only one is a dog.

It was hoped the puppies would go on to become working animals serving in the police force, army or prison service but with a preference for dogs, kennel owner Ian Glenn is now looking for good homes for the brood.

“Unfortunately we have more bitches than we would have preferred” said Ian who has lived in Linby for 25 years. “Roxy was bred in the hope of providing dogs for the services but they don’t want bitches so we are now left with eight to find homes for.”

It is Roxy’s first litter and although she produced a good number of puppies, Ian said it wasn’t ‘exceptional’ but ‘it is an unusual ratio of dogs to bitches’.

Ian added: “We are not disappointed though as they are all strong and healthy puppies with good uniformity and they come from an excellent background.”

The litter’s father is called Bandit and is owned by a former police dog handler. He is a successful competition dog and won the National Top Dog award in 2009 as well as representing Great Britain in the world championships. He is also a schutszund level three competitor — the highest grade obtainable in this training, obedience and protection test.

Ian also breeds and prepares labradors and spaniels for specialist training by the forces to be used as detection dogs.

“I’ve successfully produced a number of dogs that are currently working in the police and armed forces as well as with the prison and customs service,” explained Ian. “They help detect explosive devices as well as drugs and firearms depending on their job. Some are even serving in Afghanistan.”

Contact Ian at Linby Boarding Kennels and Cattery on 0115 963 1941 if you are interested in buying and providing a good home for an Alsatian puppy.