Dream granted for brave Kirkby teen

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A brave Kirkby girl who has been diagnosed with diabetes and epilepsy has had her wish granted for her very own hot tub.

After the dual diagnosis was made in 2012, 15-year-old Corah Beth Slaney’s world was turned upside down overnight.

Because of her illness she is seriously limited to leaving the house and can only spend two hours a week in school.

Starlight Children’s Foundation, a UK children’s charity for young people with serious and terminal illness, has now granted the brave teenager her wish so she can enjoy time at home with friends.

Corah told Starlight before her wish was granted: “I haven’t been in school for a long time so I don’t have much contact with my friends. One friend has a hot tub, it’s awesome! I wish I could have one in my garden so I could use it all year round and have friends over.”

Every day is a battle for Corah, who is treated at King’s Mill Hospital.

Lisa, Corah’s mum, said: “Corah has put a lot of thought into her wish. Initially she couldn’t understand why she deserved a wish. She seems under the impression that someone else would be more worthy but from a parent’s point of view, it’s heartbreaking when you sit back and see what she has and is still missing out on.”

Starlight was contacted by King’s Mill, to put the wish into motion. RotoSpa, a supplier of special hot tubs, generously offered Starlight a discount on the cost of a Duraspa S380 for Corah. The decking and wood was also provided for Corah’s cause by local firm Jet Joinery

The new hot tub is a luxurious all-weather spa that can seat five people and was put together by Corah’s family with dad, Carl, and his friends Tony and Barry Jefford building a shelter for the hot tub. Since its installation, Corah has already got lots of use from her hot tub. Lisa added: “We are truly touched by all the kind people out in our community and the good that Starlight is doing for children such as Corah. Times have been so hard and she continues to battle on with her illness without complaining.”

To refer a child for a wish or to make a donation, visit www.starlight.org.uk. For every £1 you donate, 92p goes towards helping Starlight’s very ill children.