Drivers snared in ‘fatal four’ days of action

TWENTY-five drivers were slapped with costly fines during a two-day police operation in Hucknall to target motoring offences dubbed the ‘fatal four’.

Specialist officers were drafted in to hit roads in the town.

They were on the hunt for motorists guilty of driving without wearing a seatbelt, using their mobile phones while at the wheel, drink-driving and speeding.

Each offender pulled over was hit with an £80 penalty. Some will also receive points on their licences.

Refusal to pay the fines could lead to a court appearance.

Hucknall’s police chief, Insp Nick Butler, said: “When we target drivers and fine them, you will often hear the question: haven’t you go anything better to do?

“Sometimes, I don’t think drivers realise the possible consequences of their actions when behind the wheel.

“Ultimately, committing one of the ‘fatal four’ can result in someone dying.

“This sort of operation is never going to be popular. But it is a necessary part of our job and a way of trying to prevent accidents that can ruin lives.”

The day before the operation was launched, 22-year-old Jack Ashley, of Sutton-in-Ashfield, was killed in a crash on the accident-blackspot Annesley bypass.

Speaking at a meeting of Hucknall Partnership Group this week, Sgt Simon Scales, of Hucknall police, said: “Road safety is a very important thing.

“The fact is we have to educate drivers about the dangers.”