Drunk Bulwell mum was pushing three-month-old in a pram

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A mum was found drunk on the streets of Bulwell while pushing a buggy that carried her three-month-old baby, a court was told today (Thursday).

When the police tracked her down, they saw two unopened bottles of alcohol in the buggy next to the baby.

The 31-year-old mum, who lives in Bulwell, cannot be named for legal reasons to protect the identity of her two children.

Appearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, she was found guilty of being drunk on Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, on Wednesday 17th April while having charge of a child under the age of seven.

The court heard that the mum had been drinking all afternoon in the Royal Oak pub on Main Street, Bulwell.

David Miles (prosecuting) said a woman out shopping became concerned when she saw the mum pushing the buggy.

“Her eyes were glazed over and she kept ramming the buggy into the door frame of a shop she was trying to get into,” said Mr Miles.

When the mum tried to buy four cans of lager from the shop, the woman confronted her and warned she was going to ring the police.

The mum got on a bus to go home, but police officers followed its route, got on at a later stop and arrested her. They said she smelt of alcohol and was unsteady on her feet.

Hannah Talbot (defending) said she wasn’t drunk solely through alcohol, but also because she was on painkillers for a broken arm.

The injury had been caused by her former partner in a bout of “horrific domestic violence”, which was the latest problem in “a series of personal difficulties throughout her life”.

She had been raped at the age of 14 and, after splitting with her partner, she had been made homeless. “She hit rock bottom and had no stability,” said Miss Talbot.

The court was told that because of the mum’s history of drink, drugs and mental health problems, the two children were in the care of the mum’s mother.

The mum also pleaded Guilty to a charge of assaulting her mother, who had one of the children in her arms at the time, at the mother’s home in Nottingham on Thursday 11th April. It was said that she struck her in the face and also spat at her while ranting and raving after she was accused of being drunk.

“However, she is very remorseful for lashing out at the person who gives her most support,” added Miss Talbot. “She would also never do anything to hurt her children.

“She is now taking steps to improve her life. The motivation is to get her children back.”

The mum was sentenced to a community order, with supervision, for 18 months, which must include work to alleviate her alcohol abuse. She was also ordered to pay £200 costs and a victim surcharge of £80.