Drunk Hucknall takeaway customer who head-butts window and bites owner’s son ends up in court

The owner of an award-winning restaurant and takeaway in Hucknall had to brandish a pizza shovel to fend off an abusive and aggressive customer, a court heard.

But moments later, the drunk customer head-butted the door of the takeaway, smashing a glass pane.

And when the rumpus continued outside, he bit the owner’s son on the thigh, causing an injury that needed a tetanus injection at hospital.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court was shown CCTV footage of the flare-up, which happened at the Mughal Indian Tandoori on Annesley Road in the early hours of Saturday 23rd March.

The customer, Toby Gary Heverin (22), of Albert Street, Hucknall, pleaded guilty to damaging the door, belonging to Mughal owner, Mazhur-ul Qayyum, and also to assaulting Fahad Qayyum.

Heverin was given a community order, with supervision, for 12 months, which must include 100 hours of unpaid work. He was banned from the Mughal for a year and ordered to pay £130 compensation for the damaged window, plus £50 compensation to Fahad Qayyum and a victim surcharge of £60.

Denis Quinn (prosecuting) told the court that the trouble at the takeaway section of the Mughal followed a drunken Friday night out for Heverin in Hucknall town centre

He downed half a bottle of brandy even before he left the house, and went on to spend about £50 on beer in various pubs.

Mazhur-ul Qayyum initially intended to serve him. But because he continued to swear, he changed his mind and handed his money back.

“Heverin became very aggressive towards members of staff, raising his middle finger in obscene gestures,” said Mr Quinn.

“At one point, Mr Qayyum picked up a pizza shovel and waved it towards him to stop him leaning over the counter.

“Heverin left the shop, but then re-appeared and head-butted the glass door.”

At this point, said Mr Quinn, Fahad Qayyum leapt over the counter to help bundle Heverin outside.

“Fahad says he was bitten through his trousers as he and others restrained Heverin until the police arrived.”

Amanda Parker (defending) said Heverin couldn’t remember “the unfortunate, isolated incident” because he had been so drunk.

“However, medical evidence suggests the bite caused no more than superficial abrasions, and no bleeding,” she said.

Miss Parker also claimed there had been an element of “summary justice being meted out” to Heverin after a confrontation with Fahad Qayyum earlier in the night at the Chequers Inn pub on High Street, Hucknall.

“He says he was assaulted by Mr Qayyum, who was then removed from the pub by bouncers,” Miss Parker said. “However, he had no idea Mr Qayyum’s father owned the Mughal, and what happened later was not premeditated.”

The court heard from a probation officer that the offences stemmed from Heverin’s problems with binge drinking and poor anger-management.

“He is capable of drinking a litre-bottle of vodka in one night, and reacts badly to confrontation,” said the officer.

“He also suffers from depression and has been known to self-harm, which explains the head-butting of the door.”

Miss Parker added: “Mr Heverin expresses genuine remorse and regrets that he got involved.

“He comes across as a pleasant, polite, respectful and level-headed man -- in complete contrast to when he is under the influence of alcohol.

“He feels he is now making progress. He has just started working and has moved from his former address on Rockwood Crescent, Hucknall into new accommodation with a friend who has never been in trouble.

“He is more choosy with the people he mixes with. He has also taken up boxing in an attempt to channel his anger.”