Drunken shoplifter stopped by passerby

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case

A drunken shoplifter was stopped from driving away with stolen groceries by a passerby in Warsop.

Anthony Fearnley Lean, 43, of Mansfield Road, Spion Kop, admitted two counts of theft, and drink driving without insurance.

The court heard that Lean’s Volvo was weaving on Laurel Avenue and the passerby followed the car to the Premier Padda store on March 8.

Ruth Snodin, prosecuting, said Lean was spotted coming out of the shop and transferring items from his pockets to the car.

When Lean tried to get into the car, the passerby took his keys off him and detained him until police arrived.

Ms Snodin said: “In interview, Lean told police he was an alcoholic and that he started stealing in November 2015 in order to fund his alcohol habit.

“He says he will always pay for things if he has the money.”

Lean told police he stole about £5 of food and drink about four times a week.

She said: “He says he is ashamed and is trying to get into rehab.”

The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports.