Duo come to rescue in home-birth drama

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A HUCKNALL mum and her daughter have been hailed as heroines after delivering a baby.

Jayne Hallam (44), of Barbara Square received a phone-call from her son’s partner, Claire Kerr (23), to say she was in labour.

This happened at about 6 am on Thursday last week when Jayne was due to go to work at Aldercar Care Home on Wood Lane, Hucknall.

Another more urgent call followed soon after, so Jayne and her daughter, Vicky (25), of Bakewell Lane, Hucknall, dashed to see Claire at her home on Woollaton Street, Hucknall.

“We went upstairs and found that Claire was in full-blown labour, with the crown of the baby’s head already showing,” said Jayne.

“We phoned a hospital but there was no time for an ambulance. I took instructions from a midwife over the phone. Then Vicky and I performed the delivery. We were surprised how smoothly it went.”

The outcome is that Claire and her partner, Richard Hallam (26), have a beautiful baby daughter whom they have named Haraya.

The baby was born at 6.33 am and Jayne said: “I can’t believe it all happened in about half an hour after Claire got in touch with me.”