Duo to follow grandad’s epic European trek

Sam and Chris  Ogrizovic with their grandfather Nicola.
Sam and Chris Ogrizovic with their grandfather Nicola.

Two cousins will be backpacking from Ravenshead to Croatia to retrace the footsteps of their late grandfather who fled the Nazis as a teenager.

Sam and Chris Ogrizovic hope to hitchhike the 1,100 miles to Brlog with just £20 in their pockets.

They are hoping to emulate their grandfather Nicola who escaped from the besieged village which was under occupation in the Second World War.

Sam (30), from Mansfield, said:”My grandfather saw his own dad shot dead and he had to leave his mother and sisters behind.

“It took him five years to make his way to Nottinghamshire, having been captured and sent to a Prisoner of War camp in Italy. He never went back. Hopefully when we arrive in Brlog we’ll be able to fill in a few blanks.”

Sam, the nephew of former Coventry goalkeeper Steve Ogrizovic, added: “He never said much about what happened to him during the war, but I remember him telling me little stories like when he left he crossed a river and came under fire and found bullet holes in his coat.

“An independent film company is to make a documentary about their exploits.”