‘Eco cops’ on patrol for Team Green Britain

Bulwell Acadrmy Team Green Britain Day
Bulwell Acadrmy Team Green Britain Day

‘ECO cops’ are among the weapons being used by Bulwell Academy to make the school more environmentally-friendly.

In a bid to protect the planet, students and families have been encouraged to make pledges as part of the Team Green Britain initiative.

The so-called ‘eco cops’ are pupils who are charged with making sure an agreed eco code is followed.

Other steps include new recycling bins, a competition to grow the tallest sunflower, the chance for students to grow their own plants and vegetables and volunteering for a litter pick on Squires Avenue where the school is based.

Families are also encouraged to recycle rubbish, save water, choose environmentally-friendly transport and reduce their carbon footprints by slashing energy bills.

To celebrate the progress made, the academy held a Green Britain Day and called on others to join Team Green Britain.

Students were rewarded with a non-uniform day, eco-themed performances from the school band and home-baked cakes.

Vice-principal David Brockhurst said: “It’s really important to us that eco-friendly practices become second nature to our students.”