Council is praised over cyber-bullies

Internet bullying/ cyber bullying/ website/hate/Facebook
Internet bullying/ cyber bullying/ website/hate/Facebook

Special sessions being run to highlight the problem of cyber-bullying have been praised after a teenager came forward to say her friend was the victim of online attacks.

The 15-year-old Nottingham schoolgirl was self-harming after being bullied on the social networking site earlier this year.

Posts to the site, which allows anonymous messaging, had urged the girl to kill herself and questioned why she was alive.

But a friend of the teenager, who is not being identified, reported the abuse to teachers, following a special session run by Nottingham City Council to help youngsters combat online abuse.

The news comes following the death of Leicestershire teenager Hannah Smith, who took her own life following anonymous abuse on the site.

Speaking to the Dispatch, the girl’s mother said: “I chatted with my daughter and she has closed her account and wishes she’d never gone on it now.

“Often teenagers won’t back down and keep going back to have the last word. She was trying to deal with it herself but it was a relief for her when it had all come out in the open.

“It is fantastic that the schools are highlighting this problem – I can’t bear to think what might have happened if it hadn’t been picked up.”

The girl has now had special counselling sessions to help her come to terms with the attacks.

Coun David Mellen from the city council said: “Cyber bullying is something we take very seriously.”