Deaths spike down to good care home

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A special task group set up to investigate a rise in the death rate in the Southwell area between 2007-09 has returned its findings.

The rise is due to the opening of a care home in 2008 which attracted residents from other areas and reduced the amount of elderly residents leaving the area.

Bruce Laughton, Nottinhamshire county councillor for Southwell and Caunton, said: “This report should provide residents and their families of Southwell Court Care with assurances that we have thoroughly examined and reported in detail, the reasons for the increase in deaths during the periods identified.

“As chair of the Task and Finish Group, I am satisfied that the independent report has revealed there is no cause for concern in relation to increases in deaths between 2007-2009 and 2010 -2012 in the NG25 post code area. “

The report identified a large increase - 27 per cent - in deaths in Southwell between the three year period of 2007-09 and the following three years between 2010-12.

But the increase was not seen as a cause for concern because the death rate in the area was better than expected when age and gender were taken into consideration and compared to the national mortality rate.

The report concluded that the population of Southwell ‘continued to have significantly better outcomes than expected’ and the increase in the number of deaths was due to the opening of Southwell Court Care Home in 2008.