Litter lessons for Ashfield kids

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Pupils from Ashfield School learned to avoid becoming litterbugs when the award winning Bin It! tour visited.

Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in interactive role playing and drama sessions during the visit by the Bin It! team on Friday.

Bin it! is targeted at 11-13 year olds and is designed to explore the issues and impact of littering, helping students to understand why it is so important to take personal responsibility for correct litter disposal.

Assistant achievement leader Lee Greasley said: “It went down really well, the team were very interactive , it was more like a drama workshop.

“The kids learned about litter and its effects and the penalties involved in littering. Pupils learned to appreciate a clean environment is a happy environment.

“As a school we have had a massive push on litter and keeping the environment clean.

The sessions went down really well and got great feedback from the youngsters.”

Sponsored by the Wrigley company, the Bin it! team of actors aims to engage and educate young people, encouraging pupils to make positive choices about the responsible disposal of litter in their environment and urging them to take pride in their community.