MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE: Giants team up with youth project

New youth group working with Woodhouse Giants RFC G131114-1a
New youth group working with Woodhouse Giants RFC G131114-1a

A Mansfield Woodhouse youth project has teamed-up with the Woodhouse Giants Rugby Club in a drive to offer young people healthy and constructive activities in the area.

The rugby club, which plays at the Lords Ground has offered the Mansfield Woodhouse Youth Project a home at its Slant Lane base.

It will be offering training sessions for a new juniors section on Wednesdays and Fridays to coincide with youth sessions at the club and it is hoped that those who attend the sessions will also try their hand at Rugby Union.

The partnership has been put together by Manor Academy teacher Richard Tempest-Mitchell, who is also director of the youth project and safeguarding officer for the rugby club.

He said: “Our long-term aim is to provide lots of positive, healthy and fun opportunities for all of our children.

“We aim to build a full junior section for boys and girls with the help of the councils, the RFU and the youth project.”

The news has been welcomed by Mansfield Woodhouse district and county councillor Joyce Bosnjak.

She said: “The link between the rugby club and youth project is a fantastic opportunity for the organisations and young people involved. In these times of austerity it is great we can help to deliver such positive opportunities in Mansfield Woodhouse.”

PICTURED: Members of the Woodhouse Giants and Mansfield Woodhouse Youth Project at the lord’s ground, in slant lane.