Mock exams help prepare students

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Year 11 pupils at National had a taste of what to expect in June recently when they sat their ‘mock’ exams.

The purpose of such exams is to enable the young people to know precisely what to expect when they do their all-important public exams in the summer.

When the results were released this week there were tears of joy as well as a few tears of disappointment.

To see Year 11 already engaging seriously with exams is a very encouraging sign and we know that they’ll build on this to achieve their best in the real exams which always seem to pounce on pupils much sooner than they expect.

Mr Jobling, assistant head for progress, said: “The results indicated that, as a school, we are on track to achieve some impressive results with 65 per cent of pupils achieving 5A*-C including English and maths.

“Ultimately, what’s important is that every pupil achieves the very best they can.”

Niamh Walker and Matthew Maiden certainly did just that as their mock exam results saw them placed comfortably in a group of very high achievers.

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