National introduce new breakfast club

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At the National Academy we are committed to doing what we think is best for our pupils.

With this in mind we have introduced a new breakfast initiative with the idea that all pupils who attend the academy and currently claim a free school meal will have money credited to their food account to spend between 7.45am-8.30am, so that they can buy breakfast.

Findings from our own research suggest that pupils who eat breakfast on a regular basis have the ability to concentrate and contribute more effectively in their lessons than pupils who skip breakfast.

At National we strive to give our pupils the best opportunity possible, and this begins with ensuring they have the best start to their school day with a healthy breakfast.

To promote the importance of eating breakfast, motivational health and wellbeing speaker, Jakki Pritchard has been delivering sessions for all pupils during our house assemblies on the importance of eating breakfast and how it can boost performance in the classroom.

As a Christian school it is firmly embedded in our ethos to do what is right for our pupils.