Online event connects Holgate students to scientists

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Students at Hucknall’s Holgate Academy went online to learn from the experts during a science lesson recently.

On Monday 23rd June, Dr Amanda Hampson’s science class 7Y3 had the opportunity to take part in an online chat with three scientists at

I’m a Scientist is a free online event where school pupils get to meet and interact with people carrying out real scientific research.

“It’s an X Factor-style competition between scientists, where the pupils are the judges,” explained Dr Hampson. “Pupils challenge the scientists over fast-paced online live chats.

Students ask the scientists anything they want, and vote for their favorite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public. “All of the pupils engaged with the event brilliantly and asked some fantastic questions about the research and about life as a scientist,” added Dr Hampson. “Each pupil now has login details for the site so that they can keep an eye on which scientists are evicted and see whether the person they voted for wins.

“They are also able to ask any further questions they think of.”