Parents petition against new uniform costs at a Mansfield academy

A Mansfield school has moved to reassure parents after an online petition was launched slamming future school uniform costs.

Angry parents of Samworth Church Academy pupils claim uniform shirts and trousers with the school logo on will cost three times as much as the same items bought from a supermarket.

But academy principal Barry Found says the costs of the logo uniform which pupils will have to wear from September are anticipated to reduce from initial quotes from the suppliers.

He said the academy is the only one in the Mansfield area to provide most of the uniform, free of charge, to all students when they initially join.

A petition lauched on has more than 517 signatures opposing the new rules.

Parent Mandy McCarthy-Ward, of Mansfield, whose son attends the academy, told Chad: “My child arrived home with a letter stating that in September the uniform will include shirts and trousers with logos on. These can’t be bought from local supermarkets, they have to be purchased at around three times the price from the school wear shop, which is in Mansfield.

“The uniform is being changed apparently because a few children do not wear the correct uniform, so the majority of parents are penalised and expected to pay more because of the few

“The uniform is about three times more expensive per item, in these times when people are struggling, is this sensible?”

“Are they paying the difference for all children for the rest of their school life?

“One pair of trousers and two shirts won’t last a week.”

Mr Found said the Academy was aware of the concern of parents and carers.

He said: “We anticipate that costs will be reduced compared to the initial quotes from the suppliers. We also stress that any family who has genuine hardship will be supported by the Academy.

“All families will be supported through the issue of free uniform as appropriate to year group, which is, and always has been, according to our existing policy which is unique in the Mansfield area.”

He said the academy acknowledged petitions from parents but did not recognise or condone inappropriate or offensive comments made through social media.