Principal reaction to Ofsted

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Improvements being made across schools in Nottingham mean a critical new Ofsted report is not telling the true story of education in the city.

That’s the view of Bulwell Academy prinicpal Paul Halcro.

Ofsted, the organisation that monitors standards across educational settings, this week issued its annual report, based on all inspections it has carried out.

Chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw said that too many secondary schools in England were not making enough progress, and that around a third were being ajudged not to be good enough.

But Mr Halcro believes that schools across the city are making improvements.

He also told the Dispatch this week that while he has met with very good inspectors, the Ofsted framework may not be right for all schools.

He said: “In my opinion, my experience of inspectors has been, overall, positive.

“But, the headlines are simplistic although the issues are far more complex.

“For example, we have a strong record of improvement and we have a track record of improving attendance and behaviour.”

Mr Halcro suggested that there was no one-size-fits-all approach to schools, as reports don’t take into consideration the context of a school.

For example, a school in an northern inner-city is likely to have different issues to a fee-paying school in a leafy suburb of a town on the south coast.