Summer fun at Holgate Academy

Youngsters have been enjoying a Summer School of activities being held at the Holgate Academy.

Tiffany said: “I have loved summer school and I wish I could come every year.

And Erin said: “Over the past two weeks, we have been doing lots of things like the presentation. Most of them had rainbows and unicorns in it.”

Keegan, Kia and Josh performed a rap about the summer school and Christy and Phoebe enjoyed doing a variety of different activities like designing a moon colony, and designing and making a board game.

Freyja said: “Today has been really fun. We had Pete from the circus come and teach us some circus tricks. In the morning we did a range of activities, including designing our own name badges.”

She added: “It was awesome.”

And Emily said: “Today was a great day and today we made an enviromentally model of the school.”