Work starts to create new classrooms on former Shirebrook Academy site

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Work has started to build four new classrooms on the site of the old school Shirebrook Academy.

The new-look school has taken control of the site where the original school once stood and it is using it to extend its grounds and create a horticulture hub.

The new buildings will form the base for the new sixth form facility, Aspire, which will launch in September.

Aspire is a collaboration of five schools across Bolsover to offer post-16 education.

There will be four buildings in total, one a post-16 base with teaching space, a common room, and a kitchen, one will be a staff building where the School Sports Partnership will be based.

Andy Gilbert, the Vice Principal at Shirebrook, said that the whole project was very exciting.

He said: “We can’t wait to get the whole site up and running. Having the dedicated space for the pupils to see where food comes from, how to prepare food and how to cook in the kitchen, will be a great hands on way to teach.

“Having the brand new building will be fantastic for outdoor and practical learning.”

The buildings have been designed by Universal Learning Ltd – but with the help of a group of 16 year nine pupils.

The youngsters came up with their own idea of what they wanted the site to look like, and the professionals incorporated all the best bits from their designs to come up with the final plans.

Mr Gilbert added: “It’s amazing that the pupils have a vested interest in the building work and the site.

“They will take care of it and look after it because they’ve worked on it and can see which bits they came up with.

“We’re all really excited to see the work starting on the site – all the foundations are been dug now - and can’t wait to see the first walls go up and to see it taking shape.”

Also on the site of the old school will be an orchard with 900 trees – which has been planted already – and a yurt with decking has been set-up.