Young carers from Alfreton area attend celebration event


Young carers as young as six were treated to a break from their duties at a special party celebrating their invaluable contribution.

More than 40 youngsters who care for their disabled and ill parents and family members attended the Celebration event at the Post Mill Centre at South Normanton on Friday.

The event organised by Derbyshire Young Carers, gave the children a well-earned rest and a chance to talk about their experiences with adult service professionals.

Practice Team Leader Karen Martin, said: “We had a disco a buffet and party games and a sweet shop.

“The day was all about them being a child for a change and not to think about having to look after someone.”

Carers Johsua and Adrian Yates of Milton Avenue, Alfreton, went along with their dad Adrian , who suffers from crippling arthritis and recently had a heart operation.

Keiran, 12, said: “Derbyshire Young Carers take us out for free days every now and then and it is nice to get a minute off things. The were a lot of activities and games.

“We help dad wash and carry stuff for him and help him get out of bed. It takes up a lot of time but it is the best for my dad.”

Young carers formed a panel to put forward their views on how they were treated by different organisations and their experience of services.

Derbyshire Young Carers Service support young carers across Derbyshire by one to one support, advocacy, group work with focussed activities such as worry workshops, anger management, first aid workshops and learning more about the cared for person’s illness or disability,

Karen Martin added: “There are an estimated 2,000 young carers in Derbyshire, but Derbyshire Young Carers only work with 180 across the county. That says to me there are a lot more young people who are not picked up by the system.” She said she was disappointed by invited adult service agencies which had not attended the event.