‘Elected councillors should fight for us’

Bob Brothwell  pictured with the new road signs on Church Street at Linby
Bob Brothwell pictured with the new road signs on Church Street at Linby

AN OUTSPOKEN parish councillor embroiled in a fight against hundreds of new houses planned for Linby says voters in local elections should opt for the candidate most likely to fight for their own community.

Coun Bob Brothwell (pictured), a member of Linby Council, was expressing his views in connection with a planned reshuffle of Gedling Borough Council wards which would mean Linby, Papplewick and Newstead merging with Ravenshead.

The proposed new ward would be called Newstead Abbey and it would have three councilllors. The plans, which would reduce the number of Gedling councillors from 50 to 41, have to be ratified by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

Linby Council is currently battling against plans by Gedling for 1,000 new homes to be built at Top Wighay Farm and a further 600 north of Papplewick Lane.

Coun Brothwell said: “I think there is a feeling within Linby and Papplewick that it’s time we had a home-grown representative at Gedling.

“Party politics comes into it and if a choice is needed on where large-scale new housing will go, councillors will be happy if their own wards have been protected from the development.

“I hope that at Gedling Council’s next election, people will put aside their party political differences and vote for someone who lives locally and cares what is happening on their doorstep.”

Coun Michael Payne (Lab), deputy leader of Gedling Council, said: “The final wards are yet to be agreed by the Local Government Boundary Commission, it would be wrong to speculate on the precise ward boundaries until the Commission has published them.

“Local people will decide who represents them on the council and it would be wrong to tell them on what basis they should make that decision.

“Councillors from all parties and none have always passionately and strongly represented the views of their constituents at the council.”