Election 2015: Hopes and criticism from Sherwood candidates

Sherwood and District General Election count and results at the Dukeries Leisure Centre, Boughton. Green party candidate Lydia Rowan Davies-Bright
Sherwood and District General Election count and results at the Dukeries Leisure Centre, Boughton. Green party candidate Lydia Rowan Davies-Bright

Party volunteers and workers are circling the sports hall here at Ollerton as counting continues for the Sherwood seat.

The first candidate to arrive is the Green Party’s Lydia Rowan Davis-Bright who was only chosen as their representative 3/4 months ago.

With exit polls already suggesting a Conservative win across the country, there is still a long wait ahead to find out if this will be reflected here in Sherwood.

But the Greens are already blaming Labour for what they believe could be a Tory win claiming their ‘scaremongering people into voting for them has been their failure’.

“We are very disappointed the Conservatives look like they have managed to push over the line,” said Ms Davis-Bright. “Labour have spectacularly failed and their move to the right has damaged them and we will have to pay the price.”

Ms Davis- Bright is the Green party’s first representative here in Sherwood but claims they have made n impact.

“The Greens have made a good start around the country and our share will improve,” she added. “We haven’t got a lot of resources as we haven’t got the backing of big business but I have had a lot of very positive feedback and messages on Facebook.

“Many people have told us during the campaign that they have always voted Labour but this time have voted Green over the scaremongering tactics put forward by Labour.”

Meanwhile Sherwood Labour candidate Leonie Mathers’ local organiser, Richard Bissett, was remaining tightlipped about the Conservatives being ahead in the national picture.

“Every election is hard and this is one of the toughest both locally and nationally for a generation,” said Mr Bissett.

“We have been working hard campaigning all over the district and have not stopped all day or for the past two years since Leonie was chosen as the Labour party’s candidate.

“It’s difficult being the incumbant but we have focused on talking to as many people as possible to build support.”

Conservative supporter and campaign manager Ben Bradley is looking quietly confident but claims not to be ‘counting his chickens just yet’.

“Tonight is the culmination of a lot of hard work,” said Mr Bradley who has worked on Mark Spencer’s campaign full time for two years. “We are feeling very positive as Mark has done a good job as Sherwood’s MP for the past five years.

“If the Conservatives do OK nationally I think Mark will do OK locally but we are not counting our chickens yet as there are still many hours to go.”

The Greens and the blues might be at opposite ends but they share one similar view.

“We have spoken to many people on their doorsteps who have said they have always voted Labour in the past but that they can’t do it this year,” added Mr Bradley.

Mark Spencer has a record that constituents can now judge him on as they have seen him campaign and win flood relief money from the government and enable road safety measures on the notorious A614.

“Mark has secured a lot of investment for Sherwood during a time when it’s been hard to come by which shows he’s been in Sherwood’s corner.”