Electricity for market at last — after FOUR years!

Bulwell Market Place
Bulwell Market Place

THE electricity supply is to be restored to Bulwell Market — after an astonishing FOUR YEARS of pain endured by traders.

Power has been off since cables were damaged during a regeneration project to improve the site.

The ordeal has caused misery for market-stall holders, particularly during the dark winter months as there has been no lighting.

It has meant having to close up early and the loss of trade has impacted on earnings during the recession.

But thankfully, Nottingham City Council has confirmed that work will start on restoring the power after the Easter holidays.

New lighting will also be installed to give the market a boost.

Part of the cost — £7,020 — has been donated by Bulwell Labour members of the city council, Couns Eileen Heppell, Ginny Klein and John Hartshorne, from a pot of cash designed to improve their local community.

Overall the cost is £22,000 and the remainder is coming from the budget of the Area One Committee, which is responsible for several regeneration projects in the town.

In a report to the council, it states the scheme is designed “to support the local economy”, improve the market and attract more traders.

It will also boost security and bring opportunites for the city council to stage more community events in the future.

The markets and fairs department at the city council doesn’t have the finances to pay for the lighting, but will launch a promotional campaign on the new-look market once the work is complete.

The project is seen as crucial for the very survival of the market, due to the current economic climate and “pressure from the newly-built Tesco store” on Jennison Street in the town.

Market traders quipped that there is now “light at the end of the tunnel” after a long-standing battle to get electricity for the site.

A spokeswoman for the LJB Jewellery Repair Service, which has a stall on the market, said: “We have complained time and time again about having no power.

“Lighting is greatly needed in the winter months when it gets dark at 3 pm. We have been bringing our own generator but that bumps up the cost of running our stall.”

“The traders cannot leave early even if they want to because we are not allowed to bring our vans on to the site until 4 pm for packing our goods away.”

The spokeswoman said she thought the electricity was lost when workmen damaged a cable during the provision of a new pedestrian crossing at the adjoining junction of Highbury Road and Lower Main Street. “The power has never been restored since then and I don’t think that is good enough,” she added.