Eleven people a day fined on tram

Hucknall to Nottingham tram
Hucknall to Nottingham tram

More than eleven people a day are being fined £50 for not having a valid ticket on Nottingham’s tram system.

Figures from operator NET show that 355 people a month are caught riding without a ticket – a drop from 480 per month which was the average last year.

Commuters have spoken of their humiliation and shock at being caught out.

A spokesperson for NET said that if a card fails to validate once it has been pressed against the validator customers should contact a member of our Customer Service team by using the tram stop Information Point.

The spokesman added: “Since penalty fare notices were introduced last summer, a total of 4,782 fines have been processed which is an extremely low level of incidence when set against passenger journeys of almost 7 million during the same period.

“It demonstrates that by far the vast majority of our customers understand the need to make sure they have paid for their ticket before they board a tram.

“Last year the average number of notices issued was 480 and this figure has fallen to an average of 355 per month this year.”