Entrepreneur hitting right note with help for new firms

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A PIANO-playing entrepreneur from Hucknall is aiming to strike a chord with a new document aimed at supporting start-up businesses in the town.

Vincent Bartley, of Claremont Avenue, launched Blinds Fit from his home two years ago.

He specialises in made-to-measure blinds — a business he has been involved in for the last decade.

In 2009, the 49-year-old father-of-two decided that after years of working for a large firm, the time was right to go self-employed.

What he faced was a minefield of difficulties in securing financial support and getting the firm off the ground.

He received crucial support from business organisations and now wants to share his experiences and advice through his pamphlet entitled ‘Your First Year Of Business, My First Year Completed‘.

It covers subjects ranging from finding the inspiration to launch a business to banking, advertising, branding and business plans.

The 15-page guide is free of charge and is available to anyone thinking of launching a new venture.

“Running a business can be quite daunting because you can’t see the future and how it ill affect you,” said Vincent, who moved to Hucknall 20 years ago from Lenton.

“But if you have a definite plan, set your standards high, provide a great service and stay focused towards your objective you will do well.

“The whole idea of this is to share my experiences. It has been a big learning curve and I hope any help I can give will provide important support.”

Vincent, who is married and teaches piano in his spare time, has also been working with the Business Link organisation and Business Venture.

He says that fears about starting a business in the current tough economic climate can be unfounded if entrepreneurs do their homeworks, research the market they are aiming for and remain committed to a plan.

Another key is moving with the times.

Vincent, who is married to Melanie, has diversified by launching a Blinds Fit website and uses the social-networking website Twitter to promote his business.

He aims to produce further documents in the future based on subjects such as managing your own business.

Anyone who would like a copy of ‘Your First Year Of Business, My First Year Completed‘ for free is asked to e-mail Vincent at info@blindsfit.co.uk.

OUR PHOTO shows Vincent with his business document — NHUD11-2731-1.