Campaigners hit out at energy plant

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Environmental campaigners say that an energy generation and recovery facility planned for Bulwell will be a “major waste disposal facility”.

The plant will be the centrepiece of the Energy Park on which Chinook is expecting to create 270 jobs for the people of Nottingham, in particular Hucknall and Bulwell.

But Nottingham Friends of the Earth say the unit is ‘a major waste disposal facility comparable to the current Eastcroft Incinerator’ and is not fit in with the Local Plan.

Nigel Lee of Nottingham FOE said: “Chinook claims its RODECS pyrolysis/gasification equipment is proven technology.

“But no independently verified evidence is provided to substantiate this. We are not aware of any evidence on the public register in the UK to show how this technology works in practice.

“Chinook’s claim that the gasification process will save 173,000 tonnes CO2 per year is based on seriously flawed back-of-an-envelope maths and should be rejected as worthless propaganda.”

Chinook says its facility is an “energy generation and recovery facility as defined by the Government’s Waste Framework Directive”.

The firm says independently-verified calculations confirming the status were submitted with the original planning application, and are vailable with the planning decision document on Nottingham City Council’s website.

A spokesperson said: “Our systems are proven technology. Chinook Sciences Group has installed a total of 16 commercially operating plants since 2000. The RODECS technology has achieved an outstanding environmental record with no breaches throughout its 14-year worldwide operating history.”

“Calculations were prepared in accordance with the council’s publicly available document How to Complete an Energy Statement - Planning Guidance.