Food waste event come to Mansfield

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Nottinghamshire residents are being encouraged to make the most of their leftovers with the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

As part of the scheme, run by Nottinghamshire County Council and their waste contractors, Veolia, a series of sustainable cookery demonstrations were run in an effort to change food waste habits across the County.

Visitors picked up free copies of the Love your Leftovers cookbook, received tips on how they could reduce waste and use up leftovers and had the opportunity to enter a free prize draw.

In the UK we waste 4.2 million tonnes of good food and drink every year. This is equivalent to the average household throwing away a shocking six meals a week.

Cutting down on food waste could also save the average family with children £700 a year.

Kevin Parker, regional communications manager for Veolia said: “When we throw away good food, we also throw away the water that has been used to grow and produce it.

“It takes 100 buckets of water just to produce just one loaf of bread. It is important to remember the effort and energy that goes into bringing the food to our tables.”

An event will be held at Mansfield’s King George V Park on 1st June between 11am–3pm to show how 1,000 meals could be made with the amount of money the average family wastes every year by throwing away uneaten food.