Euro-MP Helmer in resignation rumpus

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ONE of the Dispatch district’s Euro-MPs, who announced his resignation last year, has now refused to stand down amid a row with the Conservative party about his successor.

Conservative ROGER HELMER (pictured left) represents the East Midlands constituency, which includes Hucknall and Bulwell.

He announced his intention to quit because he was “disillusioned” with a wide range of Conservative policies.

Despite this, he was persuaded to stay on until January 20 to take part in a series of key votes.

Now, however, he has announced his intention to remain in his current position until the Conservatives agree to allow RUPERT MATTHEWS (pictured right) to be elevated to Euro-MP status to replace him, under the rules governing the list system (which promotes candidates on a next-in-line basis).

Mr Matthews was third on the list of Tory candidates for the East Midlands at the last European elections, which should enable him to take Mr Helmer’s seat.

However the party says it will not make a formal decision until Mr Helmer resigns, while he says he will not go until it is confirmed Mr Matthews is his successor.