Euro-MP joins protest motorbike-ride to Brussels

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THE THROTTLE was opened when Dispatch district Euro-MP Emma McClarkin joined a motorbike rally as part of a campaign against planned new legislation.

Conservative Miss McClarkin has received complaints from Hucknall and Bulwell about proposals from the European Union (EU) to stricly govern the design and technology of new and two-wheeled vehicles.

Bikers are concerned and say the move is Draconian.

So Miss McClarkin, riding pillion, joined Westminster Conservative MP Mike Weatherley on a protest ride to Brussels.

She said: “It is important that we listen to the views of bikers who also want safer and more environmentally-friendly bikes. We must ensure regulations take into account their concerns.

“Motorbikes are a passion for many people and EU legislation cannot, and will not, ruin that passion.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Miss McClarkin about to jump on board with Mr Weatherley.