Even royalty can't get away with flying these days

Steve N Allen
Steve N Allen

The Edinburgh Fringe is over and I am back in England, but I feel bad for what I have done, writes Steve N Allen

Not the show, that was fun, but I went by plane.

I don't feel bad about spending the money to put on a show.

I've had a great time, but I flew back down and I realise that is frowned upon .

When I flew up at the start of August it was a perfectly nice normal way of travelling.

But since then, it has become a political debate after outrage was caused when Prince Harry and Meghan took a private jet.

People tweeted 'how dare they tell people to save the planet when they're on a private jet'.

Yes, it's hypocrisy but it doesn't mean the main point is wrong.

My doctor tells me to lose weight, which is a bit rich coming from a man whose legs are so wide he has to manspread in his own office chair.

But it doesn't t mean he's wrong about telling me to cut back.

The upset worked and when Prince William and Kate took a flight they were seen travelling by Eastern Airways, a franchise partner of Flybe.

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I actually felt sorry for them.

The deal was that they spend their life being hounded by the press but in return they get to live like royalty.

These days, the royal treatment is probably getting an upgrade to priority boarding.

I'm hoping that Harry and Meghan learn from this and take the idea a step further by hiring a private jet that says Ryanair on the side.

They'll still get the private jet treatment but when people see the side of the plane they'll feel sorry for them and stop having a go at them for flying.

If you’re reading this Hazza and Megs, you’re welcome.

Now, can I have a lift?

Steve N Allen is a comedian and broadcaster who was raised in Sutton-in-Ashfield. He stars in the new series of The Mash Report on BBC2 on Thursday, September 5 at 10pm.