Ex-druggie steals phone and gift card

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An ex-heroin addict from Mansfield has been given a community order after admitting stealing a mobile phone from a car.

Mansfield Magistrates were told how Dean Cassell (35), of Redruth Drive, took the phone and a pre-paid gift card worth £140 when walking past the unlocked vehicle.

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, said: “He used the majority of the money from the pre-paid card to buy clothes.”

Donna Purseglove, defending, said: “He has been before the court on numerous occasions - and most of the offending behaviour is down to heroin addiction.

“He has been off heroin for three years, if not longer.”

Cassell was given a 12-week curfew from 8pm-7am and ordered to pay compensation of £177.