Exclusive look at Hucknall’s new Beardall Fields Primary School

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Here is an exclusive look at the designs of Hucknall’s new Beardall Fields Primary and Nursery School which is nearing completion.

The brand new facility has been designed in-house by Nottinghamshire County Council Property (Design group) at a building cost of £5m.

The project will see all current staff and pupils move from the Victorian era Beardall Street School in the town centre to the new site off Kenbrook Road.

“Pupils, staff and governors are all really excited about the new school,” said headteacher, Katherine Collins. “We have lots of work to do in preparation for the move but there is a great sense of optimism throughout the school.”

Builders are on budget and on schedule to open for the new school year starting in September, less than a year from when work began in October 2013.

The new school is required because the current school, which dates back to 1872, is dated and has inadequate facilities for today’s teaching.

“The current school building has been well lookedafter and is very charming but it hasn’t got the infrastructure needed for new technology,” added Mrs Collins. “We are struggling for space both inside and out and don’t have any green space at school but have to walk the children to a field we have access to.

“This is what the children are most looking forward to -having playing fields and extra outside areas.”

There is also a need to expand capacity at the school to meet extra demand projected in the next few years.

The current site has a maximum capacity of 210 primary places and 26 nursery places. This will increase at the new site to 315 primary places, whilst keeping the existing 26 nursery places.

Part of the funding for the new school has come from Section 106 contributions from developers constructing nearby housing.

“The increase in pupil numbers will be a gradual process,” added Mrs Collins who has been head since 2011 and has recently returned from maternity leave where, in her absence, deputy Suzanne Stoddart has been preparing for the relocation.

A date-stone laying ceremony will take place on Monday with school and community representatives invited to take part.

“The children, parents, staff and governors have been consulted throughout the process and we can’t wait to make our final goodbyes and move to our school for the future.”