Expect the unexpected in Paris’ memoir

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Journalist and activist Paris Lees is set to write a book that will lift the lid on what her life has been like.

And she admits that it will be hard for her to revisit her childhood in Hucknall.

Paris announced this week that publisher Penguin had acquired the rights to the memoirs, which will be ‘an original literary endeavour throwing light on feminism, sexuality, upbringing and class’.

Paris told the Dispatch: “I love writing - it is what I am best at, but it’s going to be difficult revisiting my childhood. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy growing up in Hucknall in the 90s as a trans kid. People didn’t have much information about what to do with a child like me back then.”

The as yet untitled book will be released ‘at the earliest’ next year.

Paris said: “I’ve got to get it all out. I have a story to tell and I want people to know what people like me have to deal with, because not everyone is lucky to go on and find a voice like I’ve been able to.

“I really think it will help me come to terms with some of the things that have happened to me in my life, but I also want to create something beautiful. I’m a writer and it’s time to tell my story, properly.”

The book would be ‘an honest account’ of her life, the choices she has made ‘and had no control over’. She added: “From my perspective. I want people to understand. It won’t be a standard transgender story, it won’t be your usual ‘Here’s how we get from A to B’. I’m bored of that, I want to do something fresh and interesting. Expect the unexpected.

“There’ll be all sorts. I’m sure it will be outrageous in places, but there will be some serious points to be made too. I have some big surprises and dark secrets to share, too. Watch this space. I may just write a list of all the famous people I’ve slept with. I reckon that’d fill a book up.”