‘Explosions’ heard in Bestwood Village blaze


Several large ‘explosions’ rocked a Bestwood Village road after a fire started in a bedroom.

Smoke was seen billowing from a house in the The Spinney last Thursday, September 21, before the blaze was discovered.

Firefighters from Arnold and Stockhill stations attended the incident, which took place around 10.30am.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue said: “Upon arrival they found smoke issuing from the house, and then located a fire in a first floor bedroom.

“A breathing apparatus crew went in and the fire was out by 11.25am.

“There were several explosions. A building inspector was called in from the local authority to inspect the integrity of the building following said explosions.

“They happened during the course of the fire and were sparked by aerosol cans / gas canisters – something of that nature.”

“Several explosions happened while the fire was alight - these were sparked by either aerosol cans or gas canisters.”