Extra cash will fund more ambulances and staff for EMAS

Demand for services continues to rise at a rapid rate. Photo: James Hardisty
Demand for services continues to rise at a rapid rate. Photo: James Hardisty

It’s no secret that large parts of the NHS have been requesting more funding from their commissioners in recent years as demand for services continues to rise at a rate that resources struggle to keep up with.

The situation here in the ambulance service has been no different. We receive 2,710 calls every single day from members of the public experiencing an emergency – that’s a new call every 32 seconds. And this number only increased during the winter period.

We provide emergency and urgent services for 4.8 million people, covering approximately 6,452 square miles across six counties, as well as patient transport in Derbyshire. Every day in the ambulance service is busy.

But we have some good news after a challenging winter.

We have worked closely with our commissioners to establish the gap between the funding we have been receiving and the resources we need, with several reviews and benchmarking from the National Audit Office.

As a result, we will be receiving extra funding this year which will enable us to buy new ambulances and hire new frontline staff so we can improve our ambulance response times and reduce the risk of prolonged waits.

In following years, we could receive up to an extra £19million per year as part of a phased programme which would make a big difference for us.

It will help us to meet the growing demand we are experiencing and meet the needs of the population.

We hope to employ an extra 300 frontline members of staff on our ambulances and in our control rooms where they answer the 999 calls.

This is an exciting time for EMAS so watch this space, and if you have dreamed of joining the ambulance service, this could be the time.